While most of the photographs you'll encounter in my Istanbul series are in black and white, I wanted to sprinkle in a few colored ones. Living in Istanbul, a city still standing with traces of the past, is both challenging and inspiring in many ways. Especially for individuals like me who never let go of their cameras. The history of photography holds esteemed figures, just as Istanbul's history does. Reflecting on these points and passing through these places is thought-provoking for me.Every time I capture photos in these spots, I find myself saying, "Istanbul truly offers excellentphotography opportunities." I felt this strongly again, particularly after my trip to Belgrade in December.The factors behind this are not just my being from here or having my roots here. Photographing inplaces where incredible names like Pascal Sebah, Jules Gervais-Courtellemont, Othmar Pferschy,Nicolas V. Artamanoff, and Ara Güler once captured images is enchanting.Despite capturing photos in the same spots of the same city, what remains constant in my mind isIstanbul's unchanging face and spirit amidst the changes in technology, fashion, and names.However, Istanbul can still offer the same photographs. The question here is, as the surroundingsof Istanbul change, how can we evaluate the corrosion that Istanbul, with its unchanging essence, undergoes?Orçun Karamustafa

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